Admissions Page
Broomfield Academy is a supportive and caring community, and we pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to each student and their families.
Dear Families and Friends,
Broomfield Academy will close its doors at the end of this school year. The small class sizes, world languages, art, technology, swimming, PE and a terrific staff with diverse talents to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners are base components of Broomfield Academy. To provide anything less would be a restructuring of our philosophy that we are unable to do at this time.
We have pride in the ten years we have offered a quality program to families who were looking for a school, for whatever reason, other than their neighborhood public school. We are proud of the members of our staff who have passionately taught their students, giving each what was needed as well as a love for learning. We thank our families and the students who have been part of our community, making this a unique and exciting home for learning about math, reading, the world, science, and everything else but especially ourselves and each other.

Broomfield Academy

Broomfield Academy Admission Process

The purpose of the Broomfield Academy admission process is to help ensure that there is a good fit, both academically and socially, for each family and for each child.

  • Step 1: Schedule a tour of the school and campus facilities. Please allow an hour for your tour. During the tour, you will see the school facilities and classrooms and meet some of our staff. In addition, we will discuss our program, staff, curriculum, and school philosophy with you. This is an important opportunity for you to discuss your child’s education and to discuss any particular academic or social needs they may have. You are welcome to bring your child(ren) with you during the tour, or you may wish to tour on your own, and bring your child(ren) at another time. At the conclusion of the tour, we will discuss whether a half-day or full-day visit for your child(ren) would be appropriate.
  • Step 2: Schedule a half-day or full-day visit. During this visit our teaching staff will work with your child and do some informal academic and social assessments to ensure a good fit in their classroom. During this time you and your child will have the chance to learn more about the school, the teachers and to determine whether you feel our school is a good environment for your child and your family.
  • Step 3: Fill out a short questionnaire prior to your visit, as well as provide your child’s key work samples, recent report cards, teacher recommendation forms, and parent recommendation forms, as available and appropriate for families.
  • Step 4: Meet with the teacher following the visit to discuss how the day went and to evaluate and discuss feedback.
  • Step 5: Following the half-day or full-day visit, an admissions decision will be made. If the class is already at capacity, you will be placed on a wait list until we are able to enroll your child at Broomfield Academy.
  • Step 6: Complete the admissions application and associated forms. When these forms are submitted to the front office, together with any required fees or deposits, you are done. Welcome to Broomfield Academy!