Broomfield Academy Preschool
A unique preschool which offers the best of both worlds - academics and play - for the well rounded child.

BROOMFIELD ACADEMY offers a preschool program that is academic.

Broomfield Academy offers a terrific preschool program that is both developmentally and academically appropriate for young children. In addition, students have many opportunities to incorporate play during the day.  It offers the best of everything! We offer only full days:  5, 3, or 2 full days per week.

The Junior Kindergarten (ages 3-5) class consists of learning experiences that are age-appropriate and academically based. The students in our preschool work on the following areas and skills:

  • Beginning reading and language skills
    • Phoneme segmenting
    • Letter names and letter sounds
    • Letter and number formation
    • Word reading fluency
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Math concepts and math reasoning
  • Science exploration
  • On-site field trips

Our youngest learners spend time in their outdoor classroom, a natural environment where the change in seasons, weather, and living plants become a part of learning. Thoughtfully planned on-site field experiences also enrich creativity and learning.

Many of our JK students are reading, writing, and understanding math concepts proficiently as they enter Kindergarten. They also have a strong awareness of their world, from both a science and social perspective.

The students participate in weekly specialty classes such as Physical Education, Swimming, Art, Music, and Spanish, depending on the days they attend.

Preschool at Broomfield Academy will make you wish you were a 3- or 4-year old again!